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Thanks to the creation of this website,, we have been able to disseminate clear and comprehensive information about Bernat’s illness.  It’s clear that Bernat is the protagonist of our page, but we have also been able to use the site to inform many people about the importance of donating blood, being a marrow donor or how many children that suffer from serious illnesses live.  Also, people with family members with the same or similar illnesses have contacted us to encourage us or to ask for advice.  We have discovered that the world is full of marvelous people.

Some people, as a result of seeing our page, have begun to donate blood. Some have become faithful donors.  Others have decided to be marrow donors or to support other similar causes.  Once, some even volunteered to translate our page into English free of charge.  Right now we’re available in many countries: we have visitors from the United States, France, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Canada and even Burkina Faso.

Now we want to take another step forward. With this in mind, we have joined  An online platform for small donations, where people can support causes like ours with a symbolic quantity of one euro a month.  In this way, we can continue doing our work of encouraging people to make gestures of solidarity like donating blood or being a marrow donor, in order to unite forces so that illnesses like Bernat’s are researched and receive more funding, and so that we are able to make more materials available to more people.

If you want to help us, we would be very grateful.  We would love it if you would help to support our group, in whatever form possible: giving one euro a month or any other contribution to the cause.

With all of your help, ElPetitBernat will continue to grow.

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